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Ceylon Tea – Industry Insights

Tea is quite possibly the most devoured and truly least expense drinks on the planet, next just to water. It is devoured by a wide scope old enough gatherings in all degrees of society. Multiple billion cups of tea are devoured day by day around the world. Sri Lanka being one of the leaders of the tea business, creates the freshest and best tea on the planet. Prominently known as ‘Ceylon Tea’ Sri Lankan tea has added another measurement to tea industry, delivering varieties in taste, quality, character and appearance to a great extent dependent on the terroir of the locale.

Notwithstanding, Sri Lankan tea creation has as of late been incredibly tested by the opposition from different refreshments, lack of work and environment changes. In this report, we examine the critical worldwide and neighborhood patterns, industry issues, arising advances lastly the SLINTEC’s worth expansion. To help the business partners comprehend the potential key roads accessible to them in supporting the distinction of this notorious development of our country.

Worldwide tea utilization has consistently been expanding each year by 3.45% in the course of recent years. It is determined to encounter further hearty development, with solid patterns towards more green tea, premium leaf and prepared to-drink accommodation cups

Dark tea and green tea are the critical sorts of tea delivered in the worldwide tea market. Dark tea, by a wide margin is the most created and traded tea . Nonetheless, creation and fare of green tea are additionally quickly expanding. It has as of late become the quickest developing portion in the tea market inferable from the arising research discoveries supporting its therapeutic worth and medical advantages.

Sri Lanka is a cutting edge tea exporter and it’s key export destinations are Russia, UAE, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Japan and Libya among others. Ceylon tea is mainly exported as bulk tea, tea bags, tea packets, instant tea and green tea etc.

Sri Lanka has consistently kept up with elevated expectations of nature of produce. The country’s business consequently profits by its all around presumed history of fine produce, and has figured out how to situate itself among the best five worldwide tea makers just as exporters of the world consistently. Sri Lanka was positioned as the fourth-biggest maker of tea in 2013 with a worldwide piece of the pie of 6.3%. This long-standing exchange excellency of tea industry has helped its partners from various perspectives, uniquely at a global level.


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