Our Exquisite Range is a collection of the finest quality tea leaves with complementing flavours and ingredients specially created for the Tea enthusiasts to savour and share the experience of these timeless flavours widely demanded world over.

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    “This exotic black leafy tea brews a bright reddish liquor with a golden hue that is full-bodied and brisk on palate. Blissfully balanced with the luring fragrance of cardamom and hint of natural sweetness, this traditional blend is warm and cozy, perfect for any time of the day.”

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    “A strong black tea blend beautifully balanced with the flavour of bergamot is refreshingly aromatic brewing a dark amber liquor with a reddish hue. Rich and full-bodied with citrus notes, this tea is another quintessential British blend renowned world over.”

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    “A classic English blend uniquely crafted with the finest leaves sourced from the gardens nearing the forest reserves of Adams Peak and Singharaja brews a bright full-bodied black tea, full of character with hints of dark caramel is robust and brisk, perfect to kickstart your day.”

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    “Tightly rolled green beads known as gunpowder green Tea packed with natural antioxidants blended with refreshingly delightful mint. Brewing a clear golden yellow liquor with an aroma of mint and herbal undertones, this tea is pleasingly light after a hearty meal.”

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