We bring you a treasure-trove of Ceylon’s finest in Tea and Spices. Indulge yourself with our exotic collection of exceptional whole leaf teas, brilliantly balanced with exquisite spices that heighten your senses and leave you with a sensation of awakening after every sip.

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    “This exotic black leafy tea brews a bright reddish liquor with a golden hue that is full-bodied and brisk on palate. Blissfully balanced with the luring fragrance of cardamom and hint of natural sweetness, this traditional blend is warm and cozy, perfect for any time of the day.”

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    “Unique to Sri Lanka the exceptionally popular sweet and spicy Ceylon Cinnamon is perfectly balanced with the Ceylon’s finest black teas to bring you a warm treat on a cold day. This brilliant blend brews a lushes rich liquor smooth on palate with lingering notes of spice followed by natural sweetness.”

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    “A timeless blend of exquisite Ceylon black tea beautifully balanced with Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg and spicy ginger. This charismatic tea brews a bright full-bodied infusion with warm spicy notes and hits of sweet cinnamon undertones. A perfect cup on a cold day.”

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    “This unique blend specially crafted with flowery broken orange pekoe tea and spicy Ceylon Ginger is brisk and warm with zesty tones to invigorate your tastebuds. An ideal balance of Ceylon Tea and spice.”

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