This exceptional collection offers you a range of whole leaf teas perfectly balanced with delicate flowers, herbs and exciting infusion of flavours. Every blend is a masterpiece crafted to perfection with essences complementing each other bring you a perfect cup every time around.

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    “A classic English blend uniquely crafted with the finest leaves sourced from the gardens nearing the forest reserves of Adams Peak and Singharaja brews a bright full-bodied black tea, full of character with hints of dark caramel is robust and brisk, perfect to kickstart your day”

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    “An enchanting blend of flowery broken orange pekoe and rose petals is pleasing to the eye as it is for your tastebuds. This blissful blend brews a red velvet liquor, soft on pallet perfectly balanced with the flavour of rose with undertones of natural sweetness.”

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    “Tightly rolled green tea leaves perfectly balanced with delicate jasmine blossoms. This tea infuses a bright golden liquor with soothing notes of sweet jasmine favour and aroma.”

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    “Renowned for its unique blend of black and green tea infused with sensational flavours, ‘1001 magical nights’ is truly a mesmerizing blend. Best drunk neat, this mystical infusion brews a perfect reddish liquor with golden hues, smooth on palate with flavorsome green undertones and reminiscent notes of sweet fruit with flowers of spring and summer.”

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    “Tightly rolled green beads known as gunpowder green Tea packed with natural antioxidants blended with refreshingly delightful mint. Brewing a clear golden yellow liquor with an aroma of mint and herbal undertones, this tea is pleasingly light after a hearty meal.”

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    “This elegant and lusciously fragrant blend since first made for Charles Grey the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister has taken many forms. We bring to you a simple form replicating the original brew that is lushed in flavour and aroma blended with the finest Ceylon Tea and Bergamot oil. Rich and full-bodied, this tea.”

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