Our Premium Tea bag range is all about providing you the convenience with our most prominent flavours. Your favorite blends crafted with smaller leaves that would brew faster in sustainable string and tag tea bags. Whether you would like to buy your tea bags in smaller quantities or in bulk we have provided the solution in different package sizes to suit your need.

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    “This classic warm blend brews a bright golden reddish liquor that is brisk and full-bodied with luring notes of cardamom and hint of natural sweet spicy aroma.”

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    “A strong black tea beautifully balanced with the flavour of natural bergamot infuses a rich and full-bodied liquor that is refreshingly aromatic with hints of citrus notes.”

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    “A classic British blend created with the finest black teas to brew a full-bodied liquor, robust and brisk, full of character with hints of cocoa and dark caramel undertones. perfect to kickstart your morning.”

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    “This refreshing green tea produces a clear golden yellow liquor that is smoothing and warm with delightful tones of sweet herbs and bamboo.”

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